Fueling the Fund!
The WOMEN UNITED® Transportation Fund provides gas cards, bus passes, minor car repairs, and more to help increase access to reliable transportation.
Having access to reliable transportation is essential for individuals as it allows them to get to work, school, medical appointments, training opportunities, and other critical resources. It also provides greater opportunities for social and economic growth.
The Women Who Rule Campaign, led by United Way WOMEN UNITED®, is committed to this endeavor through fundraising and awareness. Women leaders and local change-makers from all backgrounds inspire others to donate and serve their community in new ways.

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$10,000 - Presenting (SOLD) $7,500 - "Woman of the Year" (SOLD) $7,500 - "Honk Your Horn to Support the Fund" (SOLD) $5,000 - "Tune Up" - Gold $4,000 - Panel (SOLD) $3,500 - "Tire Change" - Silver $1,500 - "Ride Share" - Bronze